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Reu ManufaCturE
100 years
Reu Manufaktur
100 Jahre
Altes Foto von REU Mitarbeitern bei einer Schauprägung
Altes Foto eines jungen REU-Mitarbeiters an einer Maschine bei der Herstellung von Münzen und MedaillenAltes Foto eines REU Mitarbeiters, der Werkzeuge für die Herstellung von Münzen und Medaillen produziert.
Altes Foto der REU Manufaktur mit einigen Mitarbeitern bei der Arbeit in der Werkstatt.
Altes Foto eines REU Mitarbeiters, der Werkzeuge für die Herstellung von Münzen und Medaillen produziert.
Altes Foto von der REU Werkstatt mit Mitarbeitern an ihren Arbeitsplätzen.
Altes Foto des früheren Gebäudes der REU Münz- und Medaillenmanufaktur in Heubach
Altes Foto von früheren Großmaschinen mit Mitarbeitern der REU Manufaktur in der Werkstatt

About REU Coin- and Medals Manufacture in Heubach

The REU coin and medal manufacturer has 100 years of tradition and experience in the metalware industry — from product development about the tool making up to finished end product.

We make high-quality coins, medals, medals, badges, plaques and many other individual products according to your wishes Here.

With different materials, sizes, embossings and finishes, we offer an almost infinite number of product variants and there is nothing we can't do for you.



The eponymous founder Fritz Reu (*1901) trained his artistic skills at the Munich Art Academy before setting himself up in 1923 with two assistants in Pforzheim, located between Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. Even then, he had the idea to produce individual products in the areas of coins/medals and souvenirs.

Interim leadership

In the following years, the company grew steadily and the number of employees also rose to 15 employees by 1939. When Fritz Reu and his employees were drafted into war in the following years, his wife continued production with homeworkers on an interim basis over the war period.


Shortly before the bomb night in 1945, in which the Reu family's estate in Pforzheim was also destroyed, they moved to Heubach 90 kilometers east, where the family reunited. The following year, Fritz Reu and two of his employees began to rebuild the company in Heubach.

Building the factory

In 1952, the first factory was built on Gmünder Straße in Heubach. After many expansions and new buildings, this now comprises an entire complex of buildings. At the same location, the company, which mainly produces coins and medals, is still carried out today on modern machines.

Most employees

The company reached its highest number of employees so far in 1972, when 160 permanent employees and 30 homeworkers were employed primarily in elaborate manual work. In the following years, however, this figure fell again due to more rational manufacturing and production methods and the purchase of various articles.

Berthold Krieg

Today, the number of employees comprises around 60 employees in production and administration. The company was managed in the second generation by Mr. Heinz Fritz Reu for a long time before the management was transferred in February 2015 to the previous plant manager Mr. Berthold Krieg, who is still managing director today.

Thorsten Dalacker

With the takeover of Fritz Reu GmbH by brothers Thorsten Dalacker and Tobias Dalacker, Reu was integrated into the TD Holding group of companies and the company Les Graveurs based in Heimsheim near Pforzheim. Since the takeover, Mr. Thorsten Dalacker has been managing the businesses of the new Reu coin and medal factory in Heubach together with Mr. Berthold Krieg as managing director.
Ein winziger Würfel aus Gold mit Prägung in einer Vitrine
Ein Mitarbeiter bei modernen Herstellungsmaschinen der REU Münz- und Medaillenmanufaktur
Foto von vielen verschiedenen Prägewerkzeugen für Münzen und Medaillen
Ein REU Mitarbeiter bei der Produktion von Münzen, Medaillen, Anstecknadeln, Orden, Pins, Auszeichnungen und Ketten
REU Coin- and Medals Manufacture

Your benefits with REU

At REU, you will receive individual advice and opportunities to implement unique products. Rely on our expertise, quality and innovation, which we have acquired and further expanded over 100 years.
The management of
REU Coin and Medal Manufactory
Thorsten Dalacker
Berthold Krieg

Highest level of quality

Genuine handwork, attention to detail and the fact that we carry out all work steps in-house guarantee high quality.

Extraordinary innovations

In order to be able to successfully develop your and our ideas, you regularly need new ways to achieve the desired goal. We search and find new things to get better and better.

100 years of know-how

Knowledge, experience and expertise gathered over generations and developed in many projects enables us to develop and implement exclusive products with our customers. Innovation and experience are part of our company philosophy

Short turnaround times

Consistent processes, a high level of vertical integration and a good supplier structure allow us to quickly find solutions and short turnaround times for our projects. From idea development to shipping, you get everything from a single source.

Statements from satisfied customers

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