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Development and
Manufacture of
Coins, Medals & More
From creative vision to
to a mature masterpiece,
accompanied by innovation and
highest quality standards.
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100 years
Reu ManufaCturE
Reu Manufaktur
Reu Manufaktur
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Top quality Coins, Medals and more

Special medals, gold and silver coins and custom-made products from the REU Coin and Medal Manufactory

Grafiker der REU Münz- und Medaillenmanufaktur bei der Arbeit mit großem Tablet
Have high-quality coins, medals and custom-made products developed and manufactured.

We support you from the initial idea to the feasibility analysis and packaging design. In doing so, we stand out in particular for innovation, quality and individuality. Please feel free to contact us about this.
Werkzeugerstellungsmaschine bei REU
Gravur auf Gold bei der REU Münz- und Medaillenmanufaktur GmbH
Qualitätskontrolle mit der Lupe bei der REU Münz- und Medaillenmanufaktur

They trust us too

Services: This is how we can help you

Looking for something new?
We'll find new ideas for you.
Transposition and manufacturing a product designed by you.
Do you already have ideas?
Together, we design designs until they are fully ready.
We work with you to develop new manufacturing processes to implement new ideas.
For associations and enthusiasts
Highlights: Showcases
Innovation is our motivation. Together with you, we develop novel product ideas in the area of coins, medals and precious metals.

Everything from a single source

From the first idea, about the Tool and product manufacturing up to the appropriate Packaging and presentation Are we able to do every move and work step in our own home to carry out.

In this way, we guarantee Processes tailored to the product Around the efficiency and quality to increase.

That's how we work

Each presented with elegance Masterpiece began as a vision And with a simple sketch. We are with you professionally and targeted through the entire process.

In doing so, we are drawing on 100 years experience, a lot passion, most modern tools and latest manufacturing methods back.

The combination of passion in craftsmanship with cutting-edge manufacturing technology enables our Innovative power and are at the center of everything we do.
3. graph
Our trained graphic designers and artists process the sketches into digital designs for the production of works, which are then approved by the customer.
1. idea
Developing ideas is the start of every product. We are happy to implement our customers' ideas or develop new products together with you.
Werkzeuge für das Handwerk der Münz- und Medaillenproduktion
Ein Werkzeug wird mit einer CNC Maschine erstellt.
Ein REU-Mitarbeiter veredelt die Oberfläche einer Münze bzw. Medaille.
Ein Produkt der REU Münz- und Medaillenmanufaktur in einer schönen Präsentationsbox.
5. embossing
All coins, medals and badges are minted in-house on our modern machines. From hand-lifted coins to horizontal high-speed presses to the compression process, we have a wide range of options to cover the entire portfolio of quality levels.

Hand-minted coins using drop hammer technology from the 17th century are also conceivable.
7. Quality Assurance
Quality is part of our philosophy. For this purpose, we check all work steps from the procurement of raw material to tool production and the finished product.

Your benefits with REU

At REU, you will receive individual advice and opportunities to implement unique products. Rely on our expertise, quality and innovation, which we have acquired and further expanded over 100 years.
The management of
REU Coin and Medal Manufactory
Thorsten Dalacker
Berthold Krieg

Highest level of quality

Genuine handwork, attention to detail and the fact that we carry out all work steps in-house guarantee high quality.

Extraordinary innovations

In order to be able to successfully develop your and our ideas, you regularly need new ways to achieve the desired goal. We search and find new things to get better and better.

100 years of know-how

Knowledge, experience and expertise gathered over generations and developed in many projects enables us to develop and implement exclusive products with our customers. Innovation and experience are part of our company philosophy

Short turnaround times

Consistent processes, a high level of vertical integration and a good supplier structure allow us to quickly find solutions and short turnaround times for our projects. From idea development to shipping, you get everything from a single source.

Statements from satisfied customers

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General questions

Where can I buy a medal?

Medals are considered a special piece of jewelry, for honors, glamorous memories and more.

You can order existing, beautiful medals from our online shop or have them redesigned for you.

The product catalog can be found here >

For individual medals, please send us a non-binding enquiry >

Do you also have medals to design yourself?

We would be happy to help you design your personal medals. You will receive professional support from our production management and graphics department.

Just ask us without obligation! >

You can find out more about the manufacturing process here >

How can I order products from the catalog?

The old online shop was disbanded. You can currently buy products via the order form order.

How to order products:

  1. Search for the desired product in catalogue
  2. You can find the item number on the PC on the right side, next to the product. Write them down.
  3. Pay attention to the variants of the product. If you scroll down, you can find them in the product description.
  4. Note down the item number and the desired variant (e.g. material, size, packaging)
  5. Write down as many items as you like.
  6. Open that enquiry form.
  7. Fill out the request form. There you can manually enter or upload all order information for your desired products.
  8. Submit the request form and regularly check your inbox (including the spam or junk folder).

If you have any problems with the order, you can reach us within business hours by phone or email. Here you can find all current contact details >

Where is your online shop?

The new catalog can be found here >

Please note that orders can only be placed via the enquiry form, by phone or email is possible.

Where is the headquarters of REU Coin and Medal Manufactory?

Our head office is:

REU Münz- und Medaillenmanufaktur GmbH

Gmünder Strasse 30 - 32
73540 Heubach

Manufacturing: product details

What shapes are possible for coins and medals?

All regular shapes are possible and all special shapes are also possible with almost no restrictions.

If you're wondering if your idea is feasible, you should give us a Make a feasibility request >

Is it possible to customize a 1kg silver bar?

Yes that is possible. We mint individual gold or silver bars at the highest level. For the motifs, you will receive professional support from our production management and graphics.

Just send us a non-binding enquiry >

What sizes and weights are possible for coins, medals, etc.?

We are very flexible and can produce products with the following dimensions:

Size: 3 mm to 200 mm diameter (for coins and medals)

Weight: A few grams up to 10kg per piece

If you're wondering if your idea is feasible, you should give us a Make a feasibility request >

Which materials can be used in coins and medals and other products?

(Almost) everything!

  • Special materials from our customers
  • Base metals, such as brass, copper, copper-nickel alloy, titanium, damascus steel,...
  • Precious metals, such as platinum, gold of all alloys, silver, paladium, mokume-gane,...
  • All types of gemstones
  • Unique material, such as the Berlin Wall, fossils, organic and non-organic materials, Caribbean sand with footprints, stamps, banknotes, wine,...

If you're wondering if your idea is feasible, you should give us a Make a feasibility request >

Manufacturing: quality and processes

How precise is the gold leaf gilding carried out by REU?

Very precise! We are outstanding gilders with gold leaf. Feel free to see for yourself and contact us >

Are you meeting the agreed delivery dates?

If you are bound to a deadline with your project, we will reach it with all our efforts once the delivery date has been confirmed. Our customers are generally extremely satisfied with our delivery time.

Can REU develop products for me while maintaining neutrality?

Yes, that is possible and usual. Why don't you give us a non-binding request >

Can REU Coin and Medal Manufactory guarantee higher quality than others?

We can guarantee quality in accordance with the highest test criteria. Our more than 100 years of history full of innovation and drive, our own in-house production facility, where all manufacturing steps are concentrated in one place and our daily mission to create the best for our customers, enable us to achieve this success. In addition, as a “coin and medal manufacturer”, we work manually in collaboration with machines. This procedure increases quality many times over compared to purely mechanical mass production.

That is why you should now a non-binding Make a request >

How quickly can products be developed?

Thanks to our short distances in just one company and our experienced specialists, we can do a lot very quickly and surprisingly. We're usually talking about weeks here.