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TD Holding, represented by Mr Tobias Dalacker and Mr Thorsten Dalacker, is pleased to announce that it has acquired the Heubach-based company Fritz Reu Münzmanufaktur.
This dynamic takeover will strengthen TD Holding’s presence in the metal and precious metal processing sector and enable us to expand our customer base as a provider of a wide range of services in the manufacture and minting of metal products.
At the same time, we also want to optimise our entire production process with the takeover. In doing so, we are already starting at the beginning of the value chain, which we want to further expand and organise more closely with the takeover.

Fritz Reu GmbH & Co. KG fits in perfectly with the existing companies under TD Holding, which include Münzmanufaktur GmbH, Les Graveurs GmbH, LG
Les Graveurs GmbH, LG Galvanik and a precious metal trading company (www.muenzkauf.de).

We are delighted to welcome Reu Münz- und Medaillenmanufaktur GmbH to this group and thus create a leading association of internationally operating companies, which now has three locations and a total of over 100 employees in the field of precious metal processing – guaranteeing us an even more significant position in the market.
At the same time, all the companies grouped under TD Holding will benefit equally from the shared pool of knowledge and expertise of the players involved.

The previous managing director of Reu Münzmanufaktur, Mr Berthold Krieg, will continue to manage the company, which will now operate under the name Reu Münz- und Medaillenmanufaktur GmbH. The entire TD Holding will thus benefit from his many years of experience in the market and his expertise.

With this takeover, TD Holding is endeavouring to offer its customers even better and more comprehensive services. The employees of Reu Münz- und Medaillenmanufaktur will be taken over in full and, as a valuable part of our team, will be able to continue to apply their expertise and specialist knowledge in direct contact with their customers.

Especially with a view to 2024, after celebrating our 100th anniversary last year, we are now planning to further expand the success of our association, create new jobs and further develop customer structures. The acquisition of Fritz Reu Münzmanufaktur is a milestone in this endeavour and allows us to look forward with enthusiasm and anticipation to achieving even greater success in close cooperation in the future. We warmly welcome the employees of Reu Münz- und Medaillenmanufaktur to our team and look forward to growing and prospering together with them.