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◊ Quality Management ◊

To make our products even better!

Our company is firmly committed to producing and supplying highly innovative and customised products of outstanding quality, taking on the challenges posed by increasingly complex production processes, determined to offer our customers the highest level of customisation possible. In order to meet these high quality standards, we place great emphasis on all aspects of quality management.

Committed to offering our customers good value for money, short processing and delivery times, and producing the most unique products on the market, we aim to achieve the maximum possible customer satisfaction.

We conceive of quality management as being holistic in nature, designed to accompany each step of a project or process from start to finish to prevent problems and / or spot potential problems before they arise.

In order to reinforce this commitment we have decided to obtain ISO 9001:2015 certification, which is internationally recognized as the the world’s leading quality management standard. The standard has been designed to assist organizations in continuously improving their performance and can be obtained by organizations and companies of all sizes, across all sectors of industry.

◊ Testimonials◊

Our aim is to establish and cultivate long-term strategic partnerships!

◊ Environmental Management ◊

Sustainable production – one of our main priorities!
Environmentally friendly and sustainable production lies at the very heart of our philosopy, resting on these four pillars:

1. Waste Management

… our waste material is melted down, processed and then recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

2. Wastewater Management

… our state-of-the art wastewater processing unit ensures complete separation of all residue from the water.

3. Air quality control

… we use air filters to prevent emissions and in addition promote the minimisation of noise and smell pollution as well as of the impact of vibration.

4. Energy efficiency

… our key objective is to promote responsible use of energy and to consistently improve our energy efficiency.