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◊ Badges ◊

At historic car races, vintage car shows or (classic) car meets these badges are absolutely indispensible. Whatever the motive might be we will be able to deliver. Printed, enameld, etched or embossed – your customised badge will be designed and manufactured to your needs.

from the original idea to the finished product

step 1 – the idea

You can send us your ideas as a rough sketch, photo, text or a theme. We also need your logos and inscriptions or any other elements which you would like to add to the medal.

step 2 – the design

Our in-house graphic designers will come up with a suitable design. We Shall work out all the details in close collaboration with you until you are fully satisfied.

step 3 – the product

Once the design has been approved a tool will be produced and the workpiece will be galvanized, coated and polished. After about five weeks later we can deliver the finished product.

different versions

3D relief

cmyk print

pro/fire enamel

offset print


matt nickel plated



black nickel

zinc antique

brass antique



drilling with screws

fixed nuts

fixed screws